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Glee: Britney/Brittany

October 3, 2010

Glee’s Britney inspired episode called Britney/Brittany was shown on american tv some time ago and for those who missed it it is available on

Hope y’all enjoy this gleetastic episode!


Glee: Britney/Brittany

October 3, 2010

Glee’s Britney inspired episode called Britney/Brittany was shown on american tv some time ago and for those who missed it it is available on

Hope y’all enjoy this gleetastic episode!

What should we expect?

October 3, 2010

So since the end of 2009 we have heard a million rumors about Britney’s new album but what are we supposed to expect?

In the fall winter of 2009 a bunch of tracks leaked like “Bad Girl”, “Infectious” and they are more hip-hop inspired tracks. Then it was believed that the next album would be a very electronic/hip-hop inspired album with tones of bass and club hits. Back then the rumors stated that the main producers behind the album was people like Darkchild, Polaw Da Don.

Dduring 2010 more tracks have been leaked but these are more pop-ish than the earlier leaks. Tracks like “Prince Charming” by Chad Dexter. Now it is rumored that the album will be produced by Pop-king and Max Martin.

I feel like there have been tones of amazing tracks floating around the web. But Brits manager have time after time told fans on twitter the producers that are talking about Britney’s new album aren’t working on it. And I think we will not se tracks like Prince Charming on the next album since it got leaked. Probably they will stick to tracks that are unheard yet.What the feel and tone of the album will be is only gonna be revealed when the time is right.

The latest news from Britney’s crew is that the album is well under way (maybe even 50% finished) and although not confirmed I think we can expect a release of the new album in jan-may 2011. According to Britney’s manager she is very focused on getting the album done and making it one of her best yet. Can you wait or are y’all as impatient as me? I can’t wait for the first single and I think we are in for a treat!

Britney launching new perfume

July 17, 2010

Britney is going to launch a new perfume in September of 2010. It has a scent of tuberose, jasmine, orange flower and iris. It is reportedly supposed to be very feminine! Can’t wait to see it in stores!

Britney attends the premiere of Toy Story 3

June 14, 2010

So it yesterday Toy Story 3 had it premiere and Britney and her assistant Brett was there. Tom Hanks (makes the voice of Woody) and Julia Roberts were some of the other celebrities there!

Britney’s Twitter Q&A

May 24, 2010

Q: Do you like glee? (from @rjwoodyatt17)
A: I love Glee, the cast is so talented.

Q: What was your favorite part about the Circus Tour? (from @InTheZone0)
A: The pre shows are my favorite, they always hype me up.

Q: Which sex in the city ladies is your favorite ? (from @Ringleader_RFK)
A: I like Carrie – I love her clothes and shoes!

Q: You’re stranded on an island – what 3 items would you take? (from @mccoykeith)
A: I couldn’t live without my boots, water and my cd collection.

Q: When will you come to latin america? (from @ItsmePaulaGG)
A: I would love to go, I just didn’t have time during the last tour. Ill try to come next time!

Q: I can’t wait for a new album – when will we get it? 🙂 (from @JodieEJ)
A: It’s a surprise!

Q: What is your favorite city? (from @TheMrsPudge)
A: I like New York, but I also LOVE London! Thats a tough one because there are so many cities I love.

Q: If you could duet with any artist who would it be? (from @brianjspears)
A: Would love to do a duet with Robbie Williams… where are you? lol

Q: you are awesome! #1 on twitter! What is your favorite thing to do with your sons?! (from @leighbrad)
A: Ahh…Thank you! I love to take my boys on car drives, and sing songs to them about Mary Poppins that I make up.

Q: do you ever read tweets from your fans? (from @musiqgirl203)
A: well i’m reading yours! xoxo

Q: Whats your favorite Song from all your Albums? (from @JMAXEN)
A: My favorite song is Toxic

Q: What made you decide to get a twitter account? (from @ christa_d_cruz)
A: my management told me it would be great way to connect with my fans and they were right it is!

Q: Coffee or Icecream? Ballads or Uptempo? taking a picture yourself or doing a photoshoot? Internet or TV? (from @pieceofxmoment)
A: icecream, uptempo, PHOTOSHOOTS!, TV

Thanks everyone this was fun! You guys asked some great questions and lets do this again soon. Bye! xoxox – Brit

10 years ago

May 16, 2010

Yesterday 10 years ago Oops!…I Did It Again (the album) was born! The album is over 10 years old but still so good! 😀

Candie’s designed by Britney

May 8, 2010

So some time a go (about a week ago) Britney announced that she have designed a limited edition line of clothing for Candie’s. And now we know that it will start selling on July 1st! (Only at kohl’s in the US)

RollingStone writer Rob Sheffield talks about Telephone

May 8, 2010

So today Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield published a post on his view on the leaked demo of Britney singing Telephone. Here is a small outtake from the article:
“I’m definitely not disparaging Gaga’s version — I couldn’t live without it, especially not her Beyoncé video epic. But “Telephone” has so much Britney in it, it’s no big surprise to learn that Gaga may have written the song for her.”

To read the complete article click here!

Big news comming tomorrow!

April 28, 2010

A worker at Candies said that tomorrow Britney will do a new photoshoot and she’ll have BIG news for her fans!