break the ice

I will always be sad over the fact that “Break The Ice” didn’t get a proper video, and that Brit never performed it. I do love the break the ice-segue that they had during the circus tour, but it would have been AMAZING if she performed it. I freaking LOVE that song. It’s such a “Britney” song.. such a comeback song.. Ugh, well.. You cant get everything 😉

What if Brit performed Break The Ice with one of these choreographies?! *dies*

^Loves it! Brit would have ROCKED it!

 ^ my favorite part is at 0.52-0.57.. I loved the whole thing but that part had such a good vibe, it fits the song and it fits Britney 🙂

^ this performance on the circus tour?! I WOULD HAVE DIED. Seriously. Soooo gooood!


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