Fans “storms out” of the circus show?

Ugh.. Put aside the fact that we are Britney fans and might be a little bit biased.. Let’s be open minded and think about this article in general.. is reporting about a couple of “disappointed fans”

“They began walking out after the first three songs”

If some people in the audience is pissed off because the artist, only 3 songs into the show, haven’t talked to the audience at all – It MIGHT just be because the second song starts RIGHT after the first one.. There’s no break or time for interaction with the audience. After the second song the artist needs to change outfit and the audience gets to witness a really awesome interlude. (It’s a well known fact that Britney usually do a couple of songs before she talks to the audience).. And if they “stormed out” after the third song, they must have thought about it ever since song #1 ended.. What the hell..?

“The screens only displayed circus images and Spears had her back to the audience for most of the show”

Oh, come on! Britney’s got a 360 degrees stage.. She’s got people ALL AROUND here. That’s the reason why there isn’t as much dancing as there is in the previous tour.. She needs to perform for ALL sides and move around as much as she can. Of course she will have her back against SOME people since she needs to face everyone.. DUH!

The biggest superstar on EARTH just had her first show in Australia, and of course they (at least had to make a negative article about her. Cause that’ll make her come back again, right?

I would’ve thought the same thing even if it wasn’t about BRITNEY. Let’s say it was about Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce.. It doesn’t matter. Ugh, people are so stupid!

A perfect example of how much Britney moves around and rotates during the songs, to please everybody. And since people are reporting that they didn’t do any changes to the performances, this is probably EXACTLY what all the aussies saw today. Talk about being unpatient if you get pissed off when Britney has her back against you for like 5-10 seconds.


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