The Circus Tour VIDEOS

With only the Australian leg of the tour left, I’ve decided to sum up the Circus tour with youtube videos! 🙂 Each video is from different shows (and cities!)

a heads up: this is gonna be a long post! 😉


Intro + Circus, Columbus OHIO April 30th


Piece Of Me, New York August 24th


Thunderstorm Segue + Radar, Paris Bercy July 4th


Martial Arts Segue, Dallas March 31st


Ooh Ooh Baby / Hot As Ice, Helsinki July 16th


Boys, Boston August 29th


If U Seek Amy, El Paso Texas September 21st


You Oughta Know,  Chicago September 9th


Me Against The Music, San José April 12th


Everytime, San Diego CA September 24th


Everybodys Looking For Something Segue, Berlin July 26th


Freakshow, Vancouver April 8th


Get Naked, Dallas September 18th


Mannequin, Belgium July 9th


Breathe On Me, Russia July 19th


The Touch Of My Hand, Philadelphia August 30th


Do Something, Greensboro September 5th


Slave 4 U, Sweden July 13th


Toxic, Uncasville May 3rd


Baby One More Time, Newark March 14th


Break The Ice Segue + Womanizer  Denmark July 11th


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