Britney on iTunes

A week ago Apple introduced iTunes 9 and a totally redesigned iTunes store. With it came a lot of news, but it seams like Britney’s management haven’t looked this over.

The first thing I think of is that since iTunes have become lighter and more clean in it’s user interface all the artist pages have been deleted on the iTunes store and all the artists have been asked to redo them according to fit the new lighter theme. Beyoncé’s and Madonnas new pages are really nice, but Britney’s is empty. So please do something about that, our pop princess shouldn’t be without a lovely page.


Britney’s artist page.


Madonna’s artist page.

Second thing that I think is important for Britney’s management to realize is that the new iTunes LP format might be a good way to sell the new albums that might come in the future. I know that iTunes LP:s will be sold for a bit more than the usual albums but for a album created with britney’s help and with a lot of extra material I know a lot of fans would pay the extra charge.

Skärmavbild 2009-09-15 kl. 21.43.58

Third thing is that Britney’s fan made video of Kill The Lights is up for sale on the iTunes store for 1.99USD.

Skärmavbild 2009-09-15 kl. 23.16.26



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