Blonde or brunette?

This picture is god damn close to PERFECTION!

The hair, the outfit.. B looks amazing. She wore a black sparkly two piece and was a brunette when she performed in Sweden, and I loved THAT! But this lovely hair-do and the beige sparkly outfit totally tops it! She needs some kind of ringleader jacket, though.

I dont know what to think when it comes to Brit’s haircolor.. On one hand – she’s gorgeous as a blonde and deep down I think she totally should stick to it cause that’s Brit in a nutshell, but on the other hand – SHE LOOKS SO GOOD AS A BRUNETTE! My jaw literally dropped the first time I saw the Onyx Hotel Tour. My god, it looked good! Plus, she’s born a brunette – so that might have something to do with why she looked so flawless! My wish totally came true this summer when I saw her during the Circus Tour and her hair was brown! She changed it back to blonde only a few weeks after, so I have a feeling that she did it all for me! Just kidding..

What do you guys think? Should Britney be a blonde or a brunette?



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